I have used conveyancing solicitors in the past, and whilst the level of service that I received with these law firms was very good, I have to say the level of service and professionalism that I experienced whilst using Rachel Hailstone Law Firm, superseded all of my expectations in a positive and spectacular way.

Rachel handled both the sale of my previous home and the purchase of the new one, this was a risk for me but, I am absolutely delighted I took that chance. As a client, I observed that Rachel and her team facilitated the process of the sale and purchase, with not only the expected professional courtesy, and proficiency, but also an accelerated momentum that I found to be quite unique and refreshing.

As a diligent individual, it was quite refreshing for me to discover that Rachel approached both my sale and purchase with an assiduousness which is rare these days. It is very unusual for me to start recommending businesses until such time as a project has finalised, then I can take a measured approach and provide detailed information to friends and family whether that is a positive or a negative experience. I made an exception to this particular rule, simply because I was extremely happy to do so way ahead of completion as a direct result of noting a level of service that was consistently outstanding in its attention to detail. I am more than happy to write this testimonial for Rachel, in fact it is one that is so easy for me to write for her, I will most definitely be using the services of Rachel’s law firm in the future, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others.

My advice to others is simply this, choose your conveyancing solicitor very wisely, buying and selling a house is one of life’s major stresses, get a substandard solicitor and you will end up with additional stresses that don’t even bear thinking about. But if you contact Rachel and her team, you will be met with an uber efficient, first class professional, speedy level of service, which in itself is reassuring given such a major change in anyone’s life.

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