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Partnership Agreements & Limited Liability Partnerships

Partnership Agreements Key Facts

  • A partnership is created whenever two or more people carry on a business for profit;

  • Partners have unlimited liability for the debts of the partnership, appropriate and adequate insurance is therefore extremely important;

  • There is no registration process when forming a partnership;

  • Partnerships don’t have to publish their details or accounts; and

  • A partnership is not a separate legal entity from its partners.

Do you need a written partnership agreement?

If there is no written agreement then the Partnership Act 1890 will govern the partnership. It is unlikely this old Act will be appropriate for a modern business.

Partnership agreement key clauses:

  • Description of the partners old and new.

  • The commencement date of the partnership. Most partnerships are “at will”. This means that they will last unless and until someone serves notice to dissolve it.

  • The business of the partnership should be carefully described, and the procedure for modifying it.

  • The partnership name.

  • How income and capital are to be apportioned between the partners to reflect their levels of investment and involvement in the business.

  • Description of what is partnership property and what is the personal property of the individual partners.

  • The management structure and role of the partners in the business.

  • How prolonged absence of the partners is dealt with, and when a partner may be expelled.

  • Partners are not employees however many modern partnership agreements to have employee type rights to maternity and paternity leave rights to encourage a broader range of partners to invest in the business.

  • Restrictions on partners.

  • Death, retirement & admission of partners and the dissolution of the partnership.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) key facts:

  • The LLP has its own legal personality, separate from that of its members (partners);

  • An LLP is incorporated at Companies House, and its details and accounts published;

  • The liability of the members of an LLP is limited.

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