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Court of Protection

If you are concerned that a family member or friend has lost the capacity to be able to manage their own affairs, and there is no valid Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney, then an application to the Court of Protection may have to be considered to appoint a Deputy.

You can apply to be appointed Deputy for both Property & Financial matters, and/or Personal Welfare.  This might happen for example if an elderly relative has gone into a care home and has not previously made a Power of Attorney appointing someone to be able to deal with the sale of their property.

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Your Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection Team

Richard Allwood HSR LAW

Richard Allwood

Richard is the Senior Partner at HSR LAW. He specialises in contested Probate, Dispute Resolution, Inheritance Act cases and Land Law. Richard has significant experience in all nature of transactions involving agricultural and development land.

Richard can help you with:

  • Agricultural Property
  • Succession Planning for Farmers
  • Land Law
  • Contested Probate
  • Inheritance Act Cases
Matthew White HSR LAW

Matthew White

Matthew is an expert in Wills and Probate and is the Head of HSR LAW’s Wills and Probate Team.

Matthew can help you with:

  • Estate Planning and Tax Planning
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Advice on Executors, Grant of Probate and Intestacy
  • Letters of Administration
  • Powers of Attorney
Kate Hardacre HSR LAW

Kate Hardacre

Kate Hardacre is a Wills, Probate and Land Law specialist.

Kate can help you with:

  • Rural Property
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Advising Executors
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)
Emma Peniston HSR LAW

Emma Peniston

Emma is a specialist in drafting Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).

Emma can help you with:

  • Writing a Will
  • Writing a Codicil
  • Making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
  • Estate Planning
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)
Katie Allwood HSR LAW

Katie Allwood

Katie Allwood is a Probate and Property Solicitor specialising in Agricultural Law.

Katie can help you with:

  • Estate and Succession Planning for Farmers and Landowners
  • Buying and Selling Agricultural Property
  • Farm Business Tenancies (FBT)
  • Probate Administration
  • Attorneyships and Wills

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HSR LAW Solicitors Doncaster Epworth Gainsborough
HSR LAW Solicitors Doncaster Epworth Gainsborough
HSR LAW Solicitors Doncaster Epworth Gainsborough